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Find more about The Sky Dolphin Voyage!


Find more about The Sky Dolphin Voyage!


Join us on the adventure of a lifetime.

A Warning, a Master Plan, New Friends, Sunken Cities, Toxic Trash Islands, and Music all come together in this eco-friendly adventure that takes a young musical Dolphin on a voyage around the world to save Mother Earth.

Written by Kerrie Claire and Scott Huckabay with colorful illustrations by Gustyawan, this entertaining story of a young Bottlenose Dolphin takes you on an adventure through the world’s oceans and seas to gather support and build a unified effort to reverse the damage taking place on our planet. Follow along on the Map and see where Sky Dolphin discovers his new friends and the locations of the Toxic Trash Islands.


Kerrie Claire is a humanitarian, muralist, and the founder of a global project dedicated to educating people on preserving and looking after our beautiful world. Phoenix Voyage works with schools and organizations worldwide, co-producing educational programs and organic food growth initiatives that positively impact future generations. Learn more at https://www.PhoenixVoyage.org

Scott Huckabay is an American composer, acoustic and electric guitarist. Scott has traveled the world gathering inspiration and playing his guitar, creating a harmony of tribal and ancestral frequencies influencing mental, emotional, and physical wellness. His mission to usher in global harmony inspires others to open their hearts to share joy and peace. As an earth steward, he encourages humanity to tread lightly upon Mother Earth. www.scotthuckabay.com

“Sky Dolphin – The Greatest Mission” is their first creative collaboration and debut into the literary world.

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Welcome to a world where breathtaking views of Land, Sea, and Air glorifying nature’s beauty come together with the soothing melodies of Scott Huckabay’s masterful understanding of musical frequencies. Arrive with a desire for peaceful serenity and walk away with the ambition to Love All There Is. 

For more information about Scott’s music, visit https://scotthuckabay.com


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